This is a one of a kind fox mask! It is casted with with different metallic powders and pigments that  sparkle and shine brightly in the light. It was then painted with a lightfast  paint in delicate floral patterns, and has realistic acrylic following eyes. It has been finished with soft fleece ears and a fur hood. It is very light weight and easy to wear option for costuming.


It is fitted with interior padding and an elastic strap, ready to wear. The nostrils have been cut out to improve ventilation while being worn. Vision is through the tear ducts. The bottom of the fursuit head rests on your chin, and it fits all sizes up to 26" circumference heads.

This mask is for costume purposes only; it is not protective in any way.


Feel free to ask me about add ons (handpaws, tail, etc) to make this into a fursuit partial.


Shipping insurance is included in the price; I will not ship expensive items without this.

Blue/Purple shift Fox Fursuit Mask


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