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This listing is for one Blue T-Rex fursuit partial! Brand new, never worn.

This partial comes with a head, hands, and tail. It fits up to 23inch circumference heads comfortably.

The hands are one size fits all, they are size medium-large gloves but due to the stretchy material they are made of, they will fit on your hands no matter what size your hands are. Features resin claws.


The tail has three sturdy belt loops made of nylon straps to secure it to your body, and it features the option to have one to three belts inserted at a time (though only one belt is necessary to wear it, make sure you insert the belt into the top belt loops if using the one belt method). It stands out straight from your body like the way a raptor tail would, and has some minor articulation when you wag it side to side.


Resin base, painted with high quality acrylic paint and sealed with a scratchproof coating
Moving jaw with fully finished jawset and silicone tongue
Tearduct vision
Following acrylic eyes
Padded interior
Zipper closure in back

Chicken feather accents on the head and tail
Resin claws
Articulated tail

Resin base by Crystumes Costumes, claws by DreamVision Creations, jawset is a modified cast from Beta Raptor Creations, tongue by DrakonicKnight.

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Blue T-Rex Fursuit Partial