This listing is for one unfinished DIY resin mask blank, used in the creation of realistic fursuit or mascot heads. This shape was sculpted by the talented FreakHound Studios ( ) and the rights to the mold belong to my shop.

This one of a kind casting has two different color shifting pigments mixed into the resin on the beak, eyes, and eyelids. It is a shiny, metallic pigment that shifts between gold, rose, and green depending on how light hits it and is stunning in person.

This mask shape is expertly sculpted, highly accurate, and customizable for a large variety of species - just use your imagination (and maybe a little foam padding)! It would be fantastic to use for a falcon, hawk, eagle, or other avian character. It has a black interior.

I take pride in making lightweight, smooth mask blanks that are fun to work with, and comfortable to wear. The beak has been sanded smooth before molding to create a ready to use casting. You can adjust the size by heating the edges with a craft heat gun and carefully pulling them outwards (please be sure to protect your hands with an oven mitt or a towel). As with any mask blank, padding the inside with felt, craft foam, etc. will greatly increase the comfort of your finished item.


Uncut: Straight out of the mold, with vision ports cut, and sanded edges. No hinges or additional parts included. Can ship immediately.

Cut and Hinged: Edges sanded, vision ports cut and sanded, jawline cut and sanded, and V-hinges installed with Chicago screws so the jaw hinges open and closed. Optional: eyes cut out, leaving the eyelids behind and nostrils drilled. (Please indicate whether you want this in your order comment.) Waiting time of up to 2 weeks.

DIY Falcon Fursuit Resin Mask Base with Moving Jaw - Special Metallic Casting


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