NOTE: The eye cabochons on the Purple/copper clouded leopard has started separating from the shimmer foil I used to create a sparkle effect, making some air bubbles. (This was a new technique I was trying november.) So because of this defect, I'm putting him on sale at $400 (was $700). Images of this defect can be seen in the photos attached.



This is a one of a kind feline mask! It is casted with color shifting pigments that change between metallic blue and purple depending on how the light hits it. It was then painted with a metallic copper paint in the spot pattern of a clouded leopard, and has following eyes with a glitter overlay. It has been finished with soft fleece ears and a fur hood. It is very light weight and easy to wear option for costuming.


It is fitted with interior padding and an elastic strap, ready to wear. The nostrils and a section of the mouth have been cut out to improve ventilation while being worn. Vision is through the tear ducts.

This mask is for costume purposes only; it is not protective in any way.


Feel free to ask me about add ons (handpaws, tail, etc) to make this into a fursuit partial.

Big cat mask sculpted by Crystumes Costumes and casted by myself, all other fabrication by me. Shipping insurance is included in the price; I will not ship expensive items without this.

Purple and copper Clouded Leopard Fursuit Mask


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