All of these resin blanks are READY TO SHIP immediately. 
Resin blanks in stock -
horse (miscast - has a chip in the side)
raven (miscast - warped wide)
raven (older sculpt)
All resin blanks are sculpted by Crystumes Costumes. All are of A-grade quality unless listed as a miscast. All have black interiors. I would really like these to go before I move so I don't need to take them with me! For this reason, everything is deeply discounted. (Normal resin casts are usually $100 uncut and $170 cut and hinged.)I aim to make lightweight, smooth mask blanks that are fun to work with, and comfortable to wear.  If you have a larger head, please be aware that you may need to make some adjustments to help it fit comfortably. You can adjust the size by heating the edges with a craft heat gun and carefully pulling them outwards (please be sure to protect your hands with an oven mitt or a towel). As with any mask blank, padding the inside with felt, craft foam, etc. will greatly increase the comfort and fit of your finished item.

Ready to ship Resin Blanks - Normal quality and Miscasts


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