~~*This item is MADE TO ORDER. Please allow up to 3 weeks production time plus shipping to your location. I cannot accommodate rush orders. Thank you for your understanding!*~~

This listing is for one unfinished DIY resin mask blank, used in the creation of realistic fursuit heads and animal masks. This shape was sculpted by the talented Crystumes Costumes (https://crystumes.weebly.com/). I have purchased the mold and rights from Crystumes, and I am proud to partner with her and offer this item.

This mask shape is expertly sculpted, highly accurate, and customizable for a large variety of species - just use your imagination (and maybe a little foam padding)! It would be fantastic to use for a tyrannosaurus rex or similarly shaped dino. It has a black interior to reduce light interference. To paint, simply prime with a spray primer, paint with your favorite medium (acrylic is recommended but with proper art grounds you can use other paints), and seal to protect from scratches! This blank takes 1 inch diameter cabochons for eyes.

I aim to make lightweight, smooth mask blanks that are fun to work with, and comfortable to wear. This blank measures 7.5" across from cheek to cheek and 8.5" from chin to forehead. If you have a larger head, please be aware that you may need to make some adjustments to help it fit comfortably. You can adjust the size by heating the edges with a craft heat gun and carefully pulling them outwards (please be sure to protect your hands with an oven mitt or a towel). As with any mask blank, padding the inside with felt, craft foam, etc. will greatly increase the comfort and fit of your finished item.


Uncut: Straight out of the mold, with sanded edges, flashing vents not removed. No hinges or additional parts included.


Cut: Edges sanded, nostrils and vision ports cut out, flashing removed. No hinges or additional parts included.

Cut and Hinged: Edges sanded, vision ports cut and sanded, jawline cut and sanded, and V-hinges installed with Chicago screws. No buckram tearduct mesh, eyes, elastic, or additional parts included.

Realistic T-Rex Dino Paintable Fursuit Mask Resin Blank with Moving Jaw


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