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About the artist

Melissa Mendelson is a Jewish multi media artist working out of Ohio. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a minor in Art History from Kent State University in 2018, with a concentration in painting and printmaking. She loves creating watercolor and oil paintings, as well as lino prints, inspired by her love of sled dogs, wildlife, northern wanderlust, fantasy, and video games. Mendelson's love of animals and wildlife has translated into her 3D media as well, where she creates highly realistic animal masks, costumes and fursuits. She sells her work online and in person at anime and furry conventions.


When not creating artwork, Mendelson spends her time mushing and racing with her dogs under her kennel name Flight Risk Mushing. She loves running with her dogs and hopes to one day run mid-distance races. She also plays the Pokemon Trading Card Game competitively and enjoys traveling to tournaments to compete.

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