I have been working with and fabricating costumes since 2011, but started taking a serious interest in creating highly detailed animal costumes and masks in 2017. Click on an image to enlarge.





Marble foxes group photo
Marble foxes pieces
Marble fox turnaround 1
Marble fox turnaround 2
Marble fox turnaround 3
Marble fox turnaround 4
Marble fox turnaround 5
Marble fox turnaround 6
Alaskan malamute final
Alaskan malamute turnaround
Alaskan malamute pieces
Alaskan malamute modeled
horned zebra partial
horned zebra head
horned zebra tail
Golden Tabby Cheetah partial
Cheetah head final
Cheetah pieces final
Crested hawk eagle partial
Ari the Green Cheeked Conure
Toony bird feet
Harpy Eagle
Ghost Wolf
Crested hawk eagle
Wolfdog Mask
Borzoi Partial