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Artistic Liberty costume and fursuit designs

This page contains a list of images that are ideas that I want to make into costumes and fursuits. Please contact me if you wish to purchase a fursuit based on any of these designs. All costumes purchased using these designs are 100% artist designed with no customer input besides sizing and what pieces they wish to purchase (mask, hands, tail, feet, etc). Artistic liberty costumes are sold at a reduced price compared to a fully custom commission. If you decide you want one of these designs during when I open for commission slots, and submit it to me as a request for an artistic liberty design, then you automatically will be accepted into a slot.

Additionally, artistic liberty clients may choose an animal species and a coloration for an artist-designed fursuit that is not one of the following images. If you have trouble coming up with a species you would like, please contact me - I have a huge list of animal costumes I would love to create!

Click on an image to enlarge.

Adopt designs

Designs created by other artists. Anyone who purchases these designs as fursuits will also receive the original reference art file.

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