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Duct Tape Dummy Tutorial

As a basis, we prefer you follow the tutorial CityMutt Fursuits has created. Their tutorial is fantastic and has great photos to guide you.

In addition, please follow these instructions:

  • Mark where your navel is, and mark where you would like the tail to be.

  • Please use three layers of duct tape to ensure your DTD is strong enough. If you tape horizontal, then vertical, then horizontal again, this will increase the strength of your DTD as well as allow you to see where you have taped and where you still need to tape.

  • For zippers on painter suits: you are welcome to either cover the zipper with tape, or tape right up to the zipper so you can use it to get out of the DTD.

  • Tape all the way up to your neck, like a tight collared t-shirt.

  • For cut lines, please make some hash marks where the two halves of the cut line up. You are also welcome to tape the DTD back together yourself if that is easier.

  • If your DTD smells of sweat when you cut it off, please let it air out open for a day before folding and shipping.

  • Try to not fold over areas while taping. Having the tape as close to the body as possible will give a better and nicer fit.

  • For shipping, you are welcome to fold and stuff the DTD in as small of a box as possible to cut costs.

Ultimately, the better your DTD is, the better your fursuit will fit, so please try to create one that will stand up to the tailoring process!

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