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This listing is for the ORIGINAL, unique watercolor piece. It is 11x115 inches, inspired by the Zelda game Twilight Princess. It has always been my favorite game, and holds a special place in my heart as the first Zelda I played. I needed to make an homage to this beautiful game, even if it WAS released 10 years ago at the time. It still affects me deeply.

Faron Woods ORIGINAL watercolor


    A NOTE FOR OUR UK CUSTOMERS: Currently, shipping to the United Kingdom is not available due to recent changes in VAT law.

    If you live in the UK and try to place an order, your order will be canceled and refunded.

    If you would like better shipping options to this region, I have most products available on my Etsy store for a slight upcharge.

    I truly apologize about this inconvenience - I cannot control the international import law changes.

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