~~*This item is MADE TO ORDER. Please allow up to 3 weeks production time plus shipping to your location. I cannot accommodate rush orders. Thank you for your understanding!*~~

This listing is for one complete DIY silicone hyena pawpad set, used in the creation of realistic fursuit hands. One purchase will come with 2 castings, one for each hand. These pawpads are sculpted to be larger to add a more realistic effect when installed on fursuit handpaws or other costume gloves, though it sacrifices dexterity. It includes the main 4 pawpads, plus an extra pad for the thumb and a round pad for the carpal pad.

These pawpads are very accurate and lifelike, and come with a felt backing for easy installation. The silicone lends itself to a realistic, squishy texture. Cut the excess fabric with sharp scissors. Simply install with hot glue or E6000, or sew into the fabric!

Realistic Silicone Hyena Pawpads for Fursuit Hands


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